Industrial paper tubes

These tubes are used by the paper, printing, textile and other industries, as a core to facilitate optimal winding process and therefore wrinkle-free transport and storage, as well as ensure protection of the materials winded on the core.

Хартиени индустриски хилзни
Хартиени хилзни

Paper cores

Paper cores are the base for winding of stretch foil, Aluminium foil, PE foil, self adhesive foil, llables as well as special paper cores manufactured for the confectionary industry.

Decorative paper boxes

These boxes can be used as gift boxes or package box for different types of products: shits, wines, jar of sweets, jewelry and everything else you can imagine.

Украсни цилиндрични кутии
Комерцијални цилиндрични кутии

Commercial paper boxes

Ideal packaging option for your products such as: hand watches, jewelry, textile, certificates, cosmetics etc. Additionally, these boxes can be used for wrapping gifts for your employees and partners, to show your appreciation to your cooperants.

Paper food boxes

With a confirmation from the Agency for Food and Veterinary, we have long years of experience with producing paper boxes for the confectionary industry, food-contact safe, attractive and unique.

Кутии за прехранбена индустрија